Sex What, in the place of asking, hither rushed Whence?

Sex What, in the place of asking, hither rushed Whence?

XXV Exactly the same just in case you to have So you’re able to-big date prepare, And people who just after specific To help you-morrow stare, Good Muezzin regarding Tower from Dark cries “Fools! your own Prize was neither Here neither Here.”

XXVI As to why, all Saints and you can Sages who discuss’d Of the two Planets very intelligently–he’s thrust Including stupid Prophets ahead; their Words to Scorn Are scatter’d, in addition to their Mouths is actually stopt with Soil.

XXVII Me whenever more youthful did eagerly repeated Doctor and you can Saint, and you may heard higher disagreement About this and on: however, evermore Appeared by the same door where during the We ran.

XXVIII Using them new seed products off Wisdom performed I sow, With mine very own give wrought to make it develop; And that try the Accumulate that i reap’d– “We emerged eg H2o, and you will such as for instance Snap I go.”

XXIX To your that it World, and why unsure Neither Whence, particularly Drinking water willy-nilly moving; And you can from it, since Piece of cake along side Waste, I am aware not Whither, willy-nilly blowing.

And you can, as opposed to asking, Whither hurried and that! Oh, of several a cup this forbidden Wines Need to block the latest recollections of these insolence!

XXXI Up of World’s Centre from 7th Gate flower, as well as on new Throne away from Saturn sate; And many a good Knot unravel’d by Highway; But not the proprietor-knot away from Human Destiny.

XXXII You will find the door that I found zero Trick; There’s new Veil through which I would maybe not find: Some absolutely nothing speak awhile off Me and you may Thee There clearly was–and then no longer of Thee and Me personally.

XXXIII Earth could not answer; nor new Oceans you to definitely mourn During the flowing Reddish, of the Lord forlorn; Neither running Eden, with all of their Cues reveal’d And you will hidden of the sleeve of Evening and you will Morn.

XXXIV Then of the Thee for the Me personally work behind The fresh new Veil, We increased right up my hands to find A lamp in the midst of the fresh new Darkness; and i also read, Given that out of Instead–“The fresh Myself Within Thee Blind!”

XXXV After that towards the lip from the worst earthen Urn I lean’d, the secret away from living to know: And you may Lip so you’re able to Lip it murmur’d–“When you alive Drink!–getting, immediately following lifeless, that you don’t shall return.”

XXXVI I believe brand new Watercraft, that with fugitive Articulation answer’d, used to live, And you may take in; and you will Ah! brand new couch potato Lip We kiss’d, Exactly how many Kisses you are going to it grab–and present!

XXXVIII Possesses maybe not including a story from from Old Down Man’s consecutive years roll’d Of these a great clod from soaked Planet Cast by the producer to the People mould?

XL Due to the fact then the Tulip on her behalf day sup Out of Heav’nly Antique throughout the surface seems up, Are you willing to devoutly carry out the for example, right up until Heav’n In order to Earth invert your–including a blank Mug

XXXIX And never a decline that from our very own Cups we throw To own Planet for off, but can bargain below So you can quench the flames regarding Anguish during the some Eye There invisible–much below, and long ago.

XLI Perplext not having Human or Divine, To-morrow’s tangle towards wind gusts resign, And you will eradicate your hands from the locks of your Cypress–slim Minister regarding Drink.

XXXVII To own From the stopping by the way to observe a great Potter bumping their moist Clay: And with their all the-obliterated Language They murmur’d–“Softly, Sister, lightly, pray!

XLII Just in case the wine your drink, this new Lip your press End up in just what All the begins and finishes in–Yes; Envision then you are In order to-go out exactly what Yesterday You’re–To-morrow You’ll not be faster.

XLIII When one to Angel of one’s deep Drink For a change shall find you by the river-brink, And you may, offering chappy aansluiting their Cup, ask the Heart Onward to the Mouth in order to quaff–you shall perhaps not shrink.

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