This experience allows students to have an interesting travel adventure, while making important professional relationships

This experience allows students to have an interesting travel adventure, while making important professional relationships

Many students find getting a job on a cruise ship is a great option for their gap year. Students are able to travel the world on the cruise ship while working to earn money and get their accommodations while they travel. Students may have to pay to travel to the port where their cruise ship will be leaving from, but will be paid for their work.

Some students may find ways to become tour guides during their gap year. Students can research the area where they want to live and see what kinds of tours or museum options are available. Students can then make money while spending their gap year in a new place.

Disney offers many work options for students hoping to spend their gap year at one of the happiest amusement parks on earth! Students can travel to any of the Disney resorts to work, and get paid for having a magical experience. Students are often able to get accommodations to help with their living and are paid an additional salary.

Any job. If you want to take a gap year and try something new, look for any kind of job in the place you want to live! You can wait tables, work in a coffee shop, or even work in an office in a new place to get the gap year experience you’ve been wanting, while getting paid.


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Internships are another popular way for students to experience a gap year while having a career focus. Internships can help students beef up their resume while they are enjoying their gap year, preparing them for a future career.

Learn about internship opportunities around the United States and the world. The Intern Group helps students pursue an internship in a field that is interesting to them, allowing them to start networking before they’ve finished college. Students are able to get paid for their time and boost their resume while experiencing a new place.

Choose a company you are interested in. If you’re considering a field, research internship opportunities in that field! An internship could take you to a big city or a new country, and you can gain valuable experience learning about an industry and deciding if that field is a good fit for you.


Many students find they want to travel and relax as part of their gap year. The right program can help students have a study abroad travel experience that is relaxing and fun, while also being educational and meaningful. Students can get language study experience, face-to-face interactions with different cultures, enjoy new foods, and more when they travel for their gap.

Carpe Diem Education helps students travel the world and have amazing experiences in their gap year. Students can learn, immerse themselves in new cultures, and have fun as part of these programs. Students will have to pay tuition to attend these gap year programs, which include food and accommodations. This program offers college credit and classes which may transfer to some universities.

CIEE allows students from all over the world to travel and experience new cultures as part of their gap year. Students can have language immersion, service opportunities, and travel experiences as a part of these gap year programs. Students should expect to pay several thousand dollars for travel and accommodations as part of this gap year program.

Plan a trip. There set up for what you’re hoping to do. You can work with travel agencies and tour companies to get an exciting and fun travel experience as part of your gap year.

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