What To Say When Someone Is Down With Sickness to Comfort Them

What To Say When Someone Is Down With Sickness to Comfort Them

Having the right words to say when someone is sick goes a long way in helping their recovery process. Words of comfort and consolation, especially when those words come from family and friends, are almost as therapeutic as medicine itself and they keep us going, looking forward to making a full recovery.

If someone we know is facing a health emergency or terminal illness, it can be difficult to know the right things to say to them. Do you tell them everything will be fine or do you just wish them well with a smile? Of course, some people are not orators and are very reserved so they find it difficult to express themselves when it comes to these matters; as such, they need a little guidance on what to say to a loved one who is not feeling well.

Encouraging Words To Say To A Friend Who Is Sick

Friends are our backbones on whom we rely https://hookupdate.net/de/match-com-kosten/ a lot during our walk through life. So it is very important to be there for them when they fall sick. As a matter of fact, being there for them is one of the duties of friendship we must fulfill.

But what exactly do we say to our buddies when they are battling with ill health? Let’s take a look at some suggestions below. Of course, these suggestions are just a mere guide for you.

What To Say To A Sick Person When You Are Not Face To Face With Them

When you are not right there with them in the hospital or beside their sickbeds and want to send them a text message, you can send them the following words of comfort or come up with yours in the line of these:

1. Hello (their name), I just heard that you are not doing too well and are in the hospital. I really hope they release you soon because I need you more than they do! Everything will be okay with you.

2. I’m thinking of you right now as I have been doing since you fell ill and I’m sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day today. Get well soon.

3. I’ve been out here missing your charm and waiting eagerly for you to recover soon and make my days lively again. Get well real quick.

4. I am sending positive, healing thoughts to you, my dear friend. This is hoping that you get well very soon and return again to your normal life.

5. You’ve always loved life and adventure. Feel better soon and I promise, we will discover the world and have more adventures.

6. My dear friend, I want you to know that from dawn to dusk, I pray for your quick recovery and good health. Get well soon.

7. You’re a very strong person and I am confident you will beat this soon. I am excitedly waiting for you to get well soon and make my days better again. Get well quick.

What To Say To A Sick Person When You Are Right There With Them

When you’re with the person who is sick and are talking to them face to face, it’s a different ball game. You’re no more texting from far away but right there with them and you will need to hold their gaze and speak reassuringly to them as they recover.

1. (Hold their hands) Hey. I’m here for you. You’re going to fine. Get well soon because I need you back.

3. Hi, how are you feeling today? Listen, if there’s anything you need help with, just let me know. Don’t stress yourself. You should focus on getting better.

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