That’s an important point that needs to be hammered home, repeatedly, to voters

That’s an important point that needs to be hammered home, repeatedly, to voters

Marcos Junior is not so much in the race so he could make things better in the Philippines. He is in it so he could, by executive power, laundry wash their stolen billions and no PCGG will bother them doing it.

Well, in Absurdistan aka the Philippines, there is also the narrative propagated by Prof. Antonio Contreras of La Salle that BBM is like Ibarra who is returning to right a wrong (!).

The bullshit anonymous article someone tried to forward to Joe via me (I said I won’t endorse THAT but he can try sending it to Joe himself, there is a mail address on the TSOH page) could also be interpreted similarly, it said that in ancient Filipino tribal warfare nobody harbored any hard feelings afterwards, trade continued yaddah yaddah.. could mean a lot of things, among others “hey what was raided decades ago who cares”. There is BBM propaganda portraying “Pinklawan” as vindictive, self-righteous “elitists”.

Marcos apologists love to claim that Leni supporters are “full of hate division” because of calling for justice for Marcos’ crimes. Yet look at how they mobbed, yelled at, and harassed an ABS-CBN news crew who was covering them. THAT IS HATRED DIVISION, not calls for justice.

coordination and unity motto ng partido federal ng pilipinas (pfd) where both bbm and sara now belong, has no coordination, trashy unity, but plenty chaos sa motorcade.

The hard cold fact is Marcos Senior ran this country to the ground while enriching himself with stolen billions

bbm and sara ought to apologize to abc-cbn news crew for the behavior of their supporters, send the crews big basket of christmas cheers, the most aggressive supporter spoken to, and made solemn promise that such incident will not happened again.

bbm already failed in assuming crisostomo ibarra’s ID. fake graduate is bbm at hindi gaano katalino, hindi law abiding citizen dahil hindi nagbayad ng buhis. si bbm ay halos walang magandang hangarin sa kapwa dahil sarili mismo ang inuuna.

I am presuming abs-cbn news crews had kept the camera rolling and recorded the incident, the verbal exchanges included, the recording to be released to us all when appropriate

Well, that makes it important to make a hard pushback on those bullshit narratives. Don’t get drawn on trivial matters.

Millennial voters may not have any recollection of this but their parents and uncles and grandparents most certainly remember and went through that period of Marcosian abuse.

Hammering that point repeatedly and making it the central campaign issue should disabuse their minds of the fairy tale Marcos Junior and his coterie of apologists is trying to sell.

A lot of millennials base a positive picture of Martial Law on “sabi ni Lolo”. Many who lived through those times seem to wear rose colored glasses somehow today.

My generation born in 1965 is strange with a lot of pro-Marcos folks. Some were on EDSA in 1986 and say they feel “cheated by EDSA”. That is more in my Pisay HS batch though than among my former UP Elementary classmates especially children of profs.

Sarcasm aside the BIR must go after the Marcoses for agregate tax debt of 208 B. That is why people do not pay estate taxes. The ple.

Next time tanungun kayo nang, “Bakit ano bang ninakaw sa’yo ni Marcos?” sagutin ninyo nang, “Bakit, ano ba ginawa sa’yo ng Dilawan?” Parang tanga lang kasi.

Not only “plans-plans” as some might say, this thread enumerates that VP Leni already has practiced what she plans to do nationally:

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