I purchased the Premium Package to help prepare for the technical aspects of upcoming interviews

I purchased the Premium Package to help prepare for the technical aspects of upcoming interviews

I chose WSP after seeing how many companies have utilized WSP’s courses to help train their employees

I really liked the short lectures, breaking it up into 10 to 20 minute blocks helped me to stay focused.

I liked that you can go at your own pace, starting with the basics and working your way up. I can now say that I have modeling skills and can articulate key modeling concepts.

The Premium Package has helped me develop an advanced skill set on excel, sharpen my skills on FSM and expand into other more complicated models.

Having the videos at your own pace is great, it allows you to work at your own rate and fit the work into your schedule.

I valued the flexibility of the online program as well as ability to control the pace. My MBA was very good about teaching the theoretical, but this course has been very helpful in teaching what is practical.

The tutorial videos are very useful during the learning experience. Working through the Premium Package has made be more confident in regards to upcoming interviews.

I was searching for a self-paced course, with unlimited access to materials, with a concise and effective teaching method. I found that the materials were on point with a good mix of teaching and self-practice. Excellent support with any questions I had along the way.

My main goal when buying the program was to develop the knowledge that I had acquired at McGill further, and learn how to perform valuation in a more professional way. I know that what I am learning right now through the Premium Package will be covered in my future interviews , and being comfortable with the various accounting and valuation concepts taught in the premium package is definitely required if you are looking for an internship or full-time position in investment banking.

I also liked how it constantly tracks how far you’ve gone through the course, that really helped me to feel like I was making progress

The premium package is a great real life application compared to the CFA which is more https://loansolution.com/title-loans-ms/ academia based. I really enjoyed the fact that the advanced concepts were broken down into short videos.

I am a senior in college preparing to start a full time job in investment banking. I bought the program to learn more about the practical side of finance and improve my modeling skills through an avenue that would give me the opportunity to practice modeling. The Premium Package is clear, orderly and allowed me to work at my own pace.

The Premium Package is a very professional course, and WSP is a much more recognized brand than anything else out there. The courses start off simple and move on to more intensive topics, and the certification at the end is a nice add on.

I recently completed the 3 rd level of the CFA program and was looking for a course that would blend financial theory with real world practice.

With leading banks using WSP as a part of their internal training, I was confident it would be a valuable, highly respected program. I am pleased with the blend of slides and hands-on spreadsheet modeling. The instructor is excellent at keeping the material compelling.

I couldn’t be happier with the Premium Package, I’ve learned so much and the support was fantastic. The structure is logical and extremely well taught. My goal was to learn how to model like the professionals and to help me break into the investment side of the industry from a research background.

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