The Hookup: Collaborative Assessment of A Childhood Sexual Health System Utilizing Sending Text Messages Technological Innovation

The Hookup: Collaborative Assessment of A Childhood Sexual Health System Utilizing Sending Text Messages Technological Innovation

As SMS is the most commonly used mobile phone software across the world, fast and extremely dependable [16], regarded as opened and look in a nutshell hours after distribution [17], this research targeted to find if Text Message could be a practical appliance to make use of to collect user reports, specifically from an application with regards to sensitive content material around intimate and reproductive fitness for teenagers.

Created and applied as a partnership between California group wellness Council (CFHC) and youthfulness computer health (YTH) in April 2009, The Hookup are a Ca statewide reproductive health texts provider for adolescents between your centuries of 13 and 24. The aim from the program should be link users with related and precise sexual and reproductive fitness info, and act as a convenient, private site for being able to access local hospitals offering cost-free or low-priced erotic and reproductive wellness service.

By forwarding the term Hookup as a message to 61,827, children subscribe for regular reproductive health ideas. Members may go into the keyword center plus their zipcode to get hometown center recommendations for youth-friendly, cost-free and low cost STD/HIV assessments, and reproductive overall health providers. Readers will also be associated with Teensource, a youth-focused reproductive health page, for more know-how. All content for its emails try created through stimulant within the young people society and recommended by interior healthcare, reproductive health, and teenage masters. Marketing of Hookup was performed through outreach in school-based health locations, different community-based collaborations making use of print products, social networks, and through Teensource websites. To boost sign-ups, most people dispensed branded youth-selected collateral for instance lip balm, palm black-jack cards, condom tins, and keychains. As program associate has access to website subscribers telephone numbers, this gain access to is perfect for the sole function of delivering The Hookup information. It has presented a challenge in assessing this program, and led to the design of an SMS-based review software.


The aims of your research comprise: (1) to assess the feasibility of using SMS as an assessment application for a book message-based reproductive health program for Ca teens, and; (2) to gauge the potency of the product alone.

Feasibility of Text Message Review

In the course of the survey in January 2011, The Hookup received 2477 subscribers obtaining weekly messages. The analysis personnel, made up of customers from your people, CFHC and YTH, recognized and designed the survey problems (Textbox 1) sticking with the 160 personality constraint of a typical sms in the United States. Added aspects integrated: certain structure of reactions phrases samples to protect yourself from misunderstandings Like catholic singles need for responder as exact.

Analyze inquiries.

Hookup: No hint recently. Your very own turn into conserve the Hookup! 4 issues coming the right path. Address all understanding victory awards. Article halt 2 conclusion.

Hookup: 1st just a little about u. Book down man or woman subsequently ur age. Like LADY 16 or ‘GUY 20’. Msg numbers apply.

Hookup: We want to find out if are attaining teens all around CA. Book back ZIP next ur zipcode to inform usa in which ur at! Like zipper 94117. Msg charges use

Hookup: Howd u get connected making use of Hookup? Somebody tell you? Teacher? Observed a poster? Article down HOOKED and ur purpose, like HOOKED my bff. Msg costs pertain

Hookup: just how gets the Hookup altered you? Article right back MODIFICATION consequently ur modification or something like that newer, like CHANGE STD try a week ago. Msg costs pertain.

Hookup: Thx 4 supporting people prepare Hookup greater 4u! stay tuned in 2 find out if u earned our raffle 2 win $25 iTunes credit. In return 2 your normal ideas a few weeks! Msg charge incorporate.

The examination format provided a basic message with an opt-out selection, four survey issue emails and an ending content. The first three queries experienced limited response suggestions, even though the final matter had been open-ended. The written text examination ended up being conducted on the day at one time your normal every week emails came out. To be able to augment responses charges, the group provided a bonus comprising a draw for US $50 desired souvenir playing cards for 10 customers who accomplished the study.

All responses happened to be exported from SMS program to shine to perform the study and integrated contact number, date/time of feedback, and the body of reply. The examination teams also tracked response your time for doing the survey and likened it to old-fashioned study info collection systems.

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